Essex Home Extensions

The days of moving out of a building due to the lack of adequate space have long gone! With New Essex Builders around you, you can have your desired space created and built for you without hassles. Essex home extensions offer you the freedom you want. You can have your home extended to accommodate your new usage without compromising the integrity of the building.

New Essex Builders is a renowned and reputable building construction company with more than 15 years of experience. We specialise in helping Essex homeowners, and real estate investors extend current buildings. You do not have to search any further for the perfect Essex builders – we are your ideal choice.

Irrespective of the numbers of the storey of your building, we will help you to build Essex home extensions that will become a seamless part of the home. You can depend on our experience and professionalism from the design stage to obtaining the Planning Permission to construction stage and completion. We will guide you and provide expert’s advice. Our priority is your satisfaction.

New Essex Builders hires only the best professionals to ensure that we build safe, usable and durable Essex home extensions for our clients. We have structural engineers, architects, licensed builders and bricklayers, experienced plumbers and electricians, and many more on our team. And that is why we always make our clients satisfied.

Due to the significant changes or alterations in the current plan and architectural design of your home, the law requires that we obtain Planning Permission before we can commence the actual construction process. In view of this, we are experienced in this aspect, and you will benefit from our more than 15 years of experience. We will guide you and assist you accordingly.

Contact New Essex Builders today to know how we can help you. Remember, Essex home extensions are better than moving out to look for a bigger home. We promise to help you build Essex home extensions that will serve your purpose, enhance the architectural design of your home and increase your property’s value.

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